Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Day 3 - Part II - The Covers Show

If there is one thing you can't accuse Hanson of, is of not listening to their fans. A lot of international fans on the forums had expressed an interest in experiencing the covers night of the R&R tour so I had a feeling that they’d give us a covers show at this BTTI.  I was proven right - as they announced on the first day in Jamaica (the original plan, as highlighted in the newsletter, had been an acoustic show). I was intrigued and approached the show with an open mind; besides, I remembered from the setlists of the R&R tour that the covers night had also featured a few Hanson songs.

As it turned out, the setlist was made up entirely of covers: from Blues Brothers classic ‘Gimme Some Lovin’ to an epic rendition of B.B. King’s ‘Stand by Me’, to a dance-along ‘Dancing in the Street’, which Taylor changed, rather aptly, to ‘Dancing on The Beach’. I didn’t know all the songs, and wasn’t a fan of all the ones I did recognise (ahem, Michael Jackson) but I still enjoyed the set. And when I heard the opening notes of ‘Desire’ - one of my favourite U2 songs of all time - the 16-year-old me* was in heaven (*who had seen the Rattle & Hum movie three times at the cinema when it was released)

Setlist photo courtesy of Iria Rodriguez

It was a great show, the guys were in top form and I got to dance and sing along and had a great time. So what was missing? I guess it was the Hanson songs. Nothing connects us to the band like their own music, which I think is why I found the second show ultimately fun but less emotionally involving.
You can’t have it all though, and I’m grateful that Hanson decided to offer that experience to their BTTI fans: now I can tick that off my list and relate to the R&R tour a bit more!

On a sidenote - that’s the kind of show for which you need friends who aren’t going to be embarrassed by silly dance moves. You really need to dance like you don’t care.
At one point Taylor looked at the crowd and said ‘there’s some swingin’ and swayin’ going on there!’ And that’s what a band wants - an audience who rocks it out rather than a bunch of zombies holding up their phones at the guys for 2 hours. Food for thought.



  1. I went to 4 shows on the RNR tour, so I pretty much had my fill of the covers. However, I'm glad they played them for all the fans who couldn't get to RNR....and one can never get enough of Zac's dancing!

  2. I felt exactly the same, Paola. I saw the covers show in NY and in a way it was fun to relive that. But I expected to have some Hanson songs in between... Anyway, it was so much fun and I danced my ass off hahahaha
    Ah, and I saw you moving your body during Remember The Time!!! I have proofs, I recorded, need to send you :P