Sunday, 14 January 2018

Hanson on Monsoon Island: The Great Washout of BTTI 2018

A Washout

If you’re a Hanson fan and if you haven't been living under a rock over the past 10 days, you will know by now that BTTI 2018 was kind of a washout. It rained. A lot. For those who arrived a few days ahead of the event to enjoy the resort and see a little more of Jamaica, it rained even more. There was a lot of water, everywhere, all the time. Apparently, rumour has it, Jamaica was seeing the heaviest rainfall in 60 years. Hardly surprising when you consider that, at the same time, much of north America was in the grip of a deadly cold snap (unless, of course, you believe climate change to be #fakenews).

I’ll spare you the holiday snaps-blog-equivalent of my pre-event days, and dive right into the action. Come with us if you want to live, but don’t forget your life-jacket.

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It looked so nice from the plane

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